How To Find the Best Gifts For Fitness Buffs

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Hiker with waterproof backpack

Fitness gifts are a great option this holiday season. So I’m sharing some tips for finding the best gifts for fitness buffs. Whether you’re looking for fitness gifts for men or women, or gifts for health nuts or gym rats the Amazon Active Lifestyle Gift Guide makes it so easy to find the best gifts for anyone on your gift list. 

Being active and staying fit is important to me. I’m really passionate about working out and spending time outdoors hiking, paddle boarding or mountain biking. When it comes to gifting, I love to give and receive gifts that feed that passion to stay healthy and fit. 

Hiker with waterproof backpack

I always shop at Amazon because it’s so convenient, but I hadn’t realized that they have an awesome active lifestyle gift guide! It’s filled with great ideas and recommendations. I found most of the gifts for this year there already, and I even got a new waterproof backpack and a workout recovery complex for myself. Now, I have a go-to place for all of my holiday shopping!

Amazon Active Lifestyle Gift Guide

How to find the best gifts for fitness buffs or anyone on your list

Giving a gift that will help friends and loved ones maintain their active lifestyle is a great idea. But finding the right gift can be difficult and overwhelming. That is why I’m sharing some tips for finding the best active lifestyle gifts for anyone on your list.

Focus on their passions. Everyone’s fitness passions are unique to them. While some people may be gym rats, other people love to hike, do yoga or play specific sports. Focus on the fitness activity the person your gifting to is more passionate about. 

Hiker with waterproof backpack

Do a little research. I start with some stalking on the person’s social media. Maybe you will find out they love to run every morning or that they like to mountain climb. Seeing what they share will give you more insight into what they’re passionate about and will make gifting easier.

Check out the Amazon Active Lifestyle Gift Guide. Once you have an idea of what the person you’re gifting to is interested in check out the Amazon Active Lifestyle Gift Guide.  This gift guide makes the process of finding the perfect gift a breeze. Here you will find everything you need to get the perfect gift for active people in your life, and for yourself.

Amazon Active Lifestyle Gift Guide

I love that they have a wide selection, great prices, and fast shipping and I really like that they also have great recommendations based on thousands of user’s reviews and experiences.  I love that they have everything for everyone, and you can even choose recommendations for gifts according to price ranges. This makes it so easy to find the right gift within your budget.

Add a personal touch. I always like to add something personal to gifts. Whether you gift wrap the present in a unique way or add a handwritten personal note, a personal touch makes it more meaningful. 

How to find the best gifts for fitness buffs

Combine your gift with an experience.My favorite gifts are those that create memories. There are lots of ways to combine your gift with an experience. For example, gifting a backpack or a pair of tennis shoes with a coupon to go hiking together. I’m getting my wife a yoga mat along with a certificate for a yoga class at the beach. This will make my gift to her really meaningful and special. 

I personally love gifts that show that the person gifting knows how much I love to have an active lifestyle. What are your favorite gifts?


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  1. I love gifting experiences as well, they are the ones that create memories and not the things. It’s nice to have a small item with an experience attached to it.

  2. These are all really great ideas. We usually leave the gift choosing up to our children simply because they choose gifts from the heart.


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