Dia de los Muertos Rice Krispie Skull

25 Day of The Dead Food and Recipes To Die For!

Get ready for Día de Los Muertos festivities by stocking up on these fantastic Day of the Dead food ideas! This unique celebration is not spooky but a time to honor the deceased, full of joy and color. And like many other holidays, food plays a huge role in the Day of the Dead celebrations. … Read more

Eggnog rice pudding and cranberry parfaits

Eggnog Arroz Con Leche and Cranberry Parfaits

This delicious eggnog arroz con leche and cranberry parfait is the perfect holiday dessert. It the  combines the creamy richness of eggnog, the comforting goodness of arroz con leche and the tangy flavor of cranberries for a dessert that feels like comfort food.  Topped with a homemade cranberry sauce and garnished with whipped cream, mint … Read more

Dia de los Muertos Day of the Dead cupcakes

Easy Day of the Dead Party Ideas, Food and Crafts

Whether you’re hosting a Day of The Dead Party for the first time or want to make your celebration more memorable, here are easy Día de Los Muertos party ideas you’ll love. Plan a colorful and authentic Day of the Dead party to honor loved ones that have passed. These kid-friendly Day of the Dead … Read more

Tips for celebrating Day of the Dead for kids: Day of the Dead activities for kids

Best Day of the Dead Activities for Kids

As el Dia de los Muertos approaches this is a great opportunity to use the Day of the Dead for kids to learn about this Mexican tradition. I’ve compiled a list of the best Day of the Dead activities for kids that will make celebrating Dia de los Muertos with children not only educational but … Read more

#AD BBQ Mole Enchiladas

At least once a week I like to make dishes inspired by Latino flavors and ingredients.  We put on some Salsa or Latino pop music (which usually results in some dancing after dinner or while we are cooking) and I try to involve the kids in the cooking process as much as possible.  Sometimes I … Read more

recipe for tamarind margarita cocktail

Frozen Tamarind Margarita Cocktail

The deliciously flavorful tamarind fruit, commonly used in Latin American cuisine adds depth and infuses this margarita with exotic flares. I have always thought that the combination of tamarind and salt was just sublime, but then again I love tangy flavors. photo credit: Kenn Wilson via photopin cc Tamarind has always been one of my … Read more

The Posadas Navideñas: Christmas Traditions in Guatemala

The posadas are one of the most important Christmas traditions in Guatemala. Christmas in Guatemala is such a special time of the year filled with delicious food, traditional Christmas songs and  different holidays  and customs.  The Christmas holidays in Guatemala usually kick off with la Quema del Diablo on December 7th, followed by the posadas navideñas and … Read more

Bocado de reina Guatemalan bread pudding

Bocado de Reina – Guatemalan bread pudding

Wondering what to make with leftover bread? Make a simple yet delicious traditional Guatemalan dessert! Bocado de Reina is a Guatemalan cake made with leftover bread, milk, and cinnamon. It is similar to bread pudding but with more of a cake consistency. This easy Guatemalan recipe is a quick and easy version of the traditional … Read more

Guatemalan buñuelos recipe

Guatemalan Buñuelos Recipe

Buñuelos Guatemaltecos are the quintessential Guatemalan comfort food for cold weather. They are a traditional Guatemalan dessert served for numerous occasions, from Christmas to baptisms and birthdays. A fritter-like ball of dough soaked in rich syrup, buñuelos dulces (or bunuelos) is a popular Guatemalan food commonly sold by street vendors, at state fairs, and during … Read more