Test Driving LG Optimus Net from Net10

So I am not super techy and I have to admit that I have been slow in getting into the SmartPhone bandwagon. I love the idea that I would be able to tweet, surf the internet etc  on my phone so I did finally get a Smart phone about a year ago. Since I have a very tight budget I had to go with an affordable company that doesn’t have great service but I figured that was as good as it got for the price I was paying and the fact that I wanted an unlimited plan with no contracts.  Boy was I wrong!

As soon as I got my LG Optimus Net for NET10 I immediately saw the HUGE difference.  And yes, I did receive a free phone, free minutes and some other perks to write this review but I am dead serious when I say that the difference, in every aspect, from the service I am using now (I don’t like naming names but it’s cheap, unlimited and no contracts, you’ll figure it out) is abysmal.

I am not a big fan of texting and really was amazed at how all of my blogger friends texted so quickly when it usually takes me forever to write a text.  I thought I had a hard time texting and now with the LG Optimus I know the problem was my phone, I have a Android Huawei.  I have always had trouble with the clarity of the calls, surfing the internet was a real hassle and looking at my email or tweeting took long but I figured that is what happens when you are doing all of this through a phone an affordable phone. You know, you get what you pay for.  I apologize if I am repeating myself here, but Boy was I wrong! I realize now that most of you reading this are probably laughing at me right now because after getting my LG Optimus Net from Net10 I realized the incredible difference in speed, quality of the calls and ease to text.  Not I know that the reason why I hated texting was that my phone and service where let’s just say …. lacking. I feel like I have been living in another world, seriously.  I can’t believe I unintentionally exiled myself to the gray and unhappy world of bad cell phone service for so long.  Thank you NET10 for coming to my rescue. Since I got the LG Optimus I find texting is easy and I am in loved with the the voice to text function that allows you to speak into the phone and it will create the text for you. Both my husband and I have not stopped “playing” with this function.

Some Awesome Things  About Net10

–       No contracts

–       Coverage on the best networks such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.

–       Up to half the cost of plans with contracts

–       Unlimited calls, text, and Internet to Mexico and other countries including cell phones

–       Available in over 90,000 stores such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Walgreens, Radio Shack, among others

–       Latest phone models including Androids


Net10 Wireless offers the latest Android and other phones, with unlimited local and long-distance calling on America’s best GSM networks as well as roaming, text messaging and Internet access and WiFi connectivity.  Both my husband and I use the same service now and we are both changing to NET10!


The LG Optimus NET for Net10

Ok, now for the technical stuff. J  “LG Optimus Net for NET10 comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and all of the smartphone features at a non-smartphone price. (SO TRUE!) The LG Optimus Net is a full-featured smartphone with a touchscreen, virtual QWERTY keyboard, Swype, and a 3.2 megapixel camera/ camcorder. Your favorite Google Apps come pre-loaded on your Optimus Net including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Maps, Google Search, and YouTube. This phone truly delivers the things you want in real time. (IT REALLY DOES!)

Net10 Wireless offers the latest Android and other phones, with unlimited local and long-distance calling on America’s best GSM networks as well as roaming, text messaging and Internet access and WiFi connectivity .  The LG Optimus device runs off of Sprint towers, so you get the great service Sprint offers for a fraction of the cost and with no contracts.  Can you say AWESOME?!

Check out other phones at the Net10 Levantete un 10 product page.

How Net10 Wireless Works

  1. Buy an unsubsidized Tracfone (Consumer must pay full price of phone) Retailers may have different models of phones. There are basic phones, flip phones, Androids and phones with Qwerty keyboards too. Phone prices run from $30 up to $200+ depending on the phone and its capabilities.
  2. Purchase airtime or a monthly plan (this can be purchased at any of the 90,000 retail locations or online, one can also replenish their account online.
  • Airtime monthly service:
  • Unlimited talk, text/picture messaging, web/email and call to 411 ($50.00)
  • 750 Minutes 30-DAY MONTHLY PLAN
  • For talk, text / picture messaging, web/email and calls to 411 ($25.00)
  • Unlimited International Calling 30 Day Plan (to mobiles too). ($65.00) this is the same plan as the $50 plan with a $15 international air time card added.
  • 600 Minutes & 60 Days of Service ($45.00)
  • 900 Minutes & 90 Days of Service ($60.00)
  • Monthly Plans
  • $50 for unlimited minutes
  • $65 for International unlimited
  • Airtime pay as you go


International unlimited is a really cool option but you must take a look at the list of countries include, among them Canada, Mexico and a lot of other Latin American countries but I was disappointed to find out Guatemala was now one of them.  In my opinion all that this phone is missing is having Guatemala included in the International unlimited plan, but that is just my personal opinion. 😉


The Levantete un 10 Campaign

Net10 Wireless is launching in the US Hispanic market with the “Levántate un 10” campaign featuring Carlos Ponce and Alejandra Espinoza, which is all about enabling customers to achieve “un diez en servicio cellular”  (“a ten in wireless service”). You can even text Carlos Ponce or Alejandra Espinoza and you’ll get a call back with a pre-recorded message!

Visit www.levantateun10.com for more information about Net10 Wireless service.

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Net10 Wireless. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

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  1. Hey Paula, So let’s say you wanted to buy a smartphone, would you pay good money for one like this or similar, or would you go with something else entirely? Just curious because I am looking into either an Samsung or LG.


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