How I Embrace Latin Music in My Life

I believe that music goes beyond being just entertainment, it can reflect your culture, your lifestyle, your personality.  An old Chinese aphorism states that its music can define a society. I grew up in Latin America but living in Guatemala is only part of my story.  My parents loved The Beatles and classical music so … Read more

Tips for Tackling Life’s Messes and Stresses

Before my kids came along I could think of nothing worst than a sticky surface. Since I became a mother later in life I got used to having an impeccable house.  When my daughter was born I had white couches in the living room, how crazy is that?! I confess that when my friends came … Read more

Raising Champions

The London 2012 Olympics are almost here.  It is truly so inspiring to see all of these athletes who are realizing their dreams, who have worked so hard and have excelled by pursing something that they love and it makes your wonder… how do you raise champions? How do you, as a mother help your … Read more

Fighting with Spanglish

Recently, my son Alex and I were visiting his grandparents when I noticed something that I had perhaps taken for granted before. You see, I am a first-generation Hispanic-American, and my son, while his Spanish isn’t perfect, does speak it well enough to converse with his Cuban grandparents with no problems. I had always taken … Read more

picking eggs for Easter

Easter in the USA and Semana Santa in Guatemala

Easter is one of my children’s favorite holidays.  My little guy is all about the chocolate while my daughter loves the idea of the Easter bunny, the parties and the crafts.  Easter is almost over and while my kids run around the house in a sugar rush after eating more chocolate eggs than they should … Read more