Green Zombie Halloween Cocktail Recipe

This green zombie halloween cocktail recipe gives the classic zombie cocktail a ghoulish makeover. With it’s bright green color and eerie appearance thanks to the dry ice this green Halloween cocktail is sure to be a hit at your Halloween party!

Green Zombie Halloween Cocktail with dry ice

Welcome Spooky Season With the Green Zombie Halloween Cocktail

Fall is upon us and you know what that means – Halloween is just around the corner! Whether you’re planning a spine-chilling party or a quiet night in, Halloween is the perfect time to mix up some spooky cocktails. Now, if you’re after a cocktail that is as green as a ghoulish specter and as potent as a witch’s potion, look no further than our Green Zombie Halloween Cocktail.

The Zombie cocktail, with its hair-raising name and powerful mix of flavors, has long been a staple of Halloween festivities. But our version comes with a delightful twist: a vibrant green color from melon liqueur that adds a burst of fruitiness and an eerie green glow that’s perfect for any Halloween gathering.

Easy green Halloween cocktail

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any spookier, we add dry ice into the mix. Yes, you read that right! Dry ice takes this cocktail from fun to fabulously frightening, creating a smoky, mystical effect that’ll have everyone’s eyes wide with delight. But don’t worry, this isn’t a trick; it’s a real treat!

So, dust off your cocktail shaker, gather your courage, and join us as we conjure up this Green Zombie Halloween Cocktail. You’re in for a ghoulishly good time!

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Unearthing the Zombie: A History of the Zombie Cocktail

Got your flashlights ready? Let’s dig into the crypt of cocktail history and unearth the story of the Zombie cocktail! This potent potion dates back to the 1930s and owes its life to a man named Donn Beach, the founder of Don the Beachcomber, a famous Polynesian-themed restaurant and bar in Hollywood. Legend has it that Donn brewed the first-ever Zombie to help a customer survive a business meeting after a long night out. With a mix of several rums, lime juice, apricot brandy, and a dash of secret spices, it’s no surprise that the cocktail got its name for its “reviving” qualities!

Over the years, the Zombie cocktail has taken on many forms and flavors, but its spirit has remained the same. It’s a potent, tropical delight that’s known to sneak up on you like a… well, a zombie! Each sip is a step deeper into the deliciously dark side, making it a thrilling treat for Halloween revelers. 

Why Go Green? A Twist on the Classic Zombie Cocktail

Now, how about we add a bit of green ghoul to this tale with our own eerie twist? Fasten your seatbelts, goblins and ghouls, it’s time to meet the Green Zombie! Adding a green tropical twist to a classic zombie cocktail is a surefire way to bring your Halloween party to life, or should we say, back from the dead!

Spooky green Halloween cocktail with spider

My spin on the classic Zombie cocktail doesn’t just look like it was brewed in a cauldron, it also adds a fantastic tropical flavor with the use of the green melon liqueur. The melon liqueur gives our Green Zombie its enchanting emerald hue, and more importantly, it brings in a sweet, fruity flavor that dances a spooky waltz with the tang of the pineapple and lime juices. Plus, the white rum lends a gentle warmth that perfectly balances the fruity freshness of this brew. So come hither, all you ghostly ghouls and witches of the night, and let’s stir up a batch of this wickedly delicious Green Zombie! 

What Are the Ingredients for the Green Zombie Halloween Cocktail?

The ingredients for the Green Zombie cocktail are a combination of sweet rum and pineapple juice, lime juice and of coarse the star of the show the green melon liquor. 

  • White Rum: At the heart of our Green Zombie cocktail is white rum. It’s the lifeblood that infuses this bewitching brew with a smooth and subtly sweet base.
  • Melon Liqueur: This magical elixir is what gives our Green Zombie its vibrant, glowing green color. Beyond its eye-catching hue, the melon liqueur brings a sweet, fruity flavor that’s a wonderful complement to the rum and juices. 
  • Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice: The freshly squeezed lime juice adds a shock of tangy freshness to the cocktail. It cuts through the sweetness of the other ingredients, ensuring that our Green Zombie has just the right balance of flavors.
  • Orange Liqueur: This adds another layer of citrusy complexity to this ghoulish concoction. It enhances the tropical vibe of our drink and deepens the overall flavor profile. 
  • Pineapple Juice: The pineapple juice brings a fresh burst of tropical sweetness that dances with our lime and orange, creating a tantalizing trifecta of citrusy goodness.
  • Dry Ice: A small chunk of dry ice gives our Green Zombie a bewitching, bubbly effect, like a potion simmering in a cauldron. Remember, though, that while dry ice makes for a great visual, it’s not for consumption, so make sure it’s completely evaporated before you take a sip. Now, let’s get this hauntingly good party started!

Green Zombie Halloween Cocktail

All you need now is a cocktail shaker, some green goblet glasses and some spooky Halloween cocktail picks to decorate your ghoulish Halloween cocktail. 

Unleashing the Fun: Adding Dry Ice to Your Cocktail

Dry ice might seem like it’s all about the spook-tacular effect, and while that’s certainly a huge part of its appeal, it also helps to chill your drink down quickly. This means your Green Zombie stays refreshingly cool while it bubbles and smokes like a witch’s brew. It’s a win-win!

How to Handle Dry Ice Safely

The dry ice makes this cocktail truly spellbinding. But it’s important to know how to add the dry ice to your cocktail and how to handle dry ice safely!

Green Zombie Halloween Cocktail with dry ice

Always use thongs: Handling dry ice is not quite the same as dealing with your average kitchen ice cubes. For starters, you should always use tongs or gloves to handle dry ice because it can cause burns if it comes into direct contact with your skin. 

Use only food-grade dry ice: Remember to only use food-grade dry ice in your cocktails to ensure it’s safe for consumption.

Storing leftover dry  ice: If you have any leftover dry ice, don’t try to store it in an airtight container as it needs to be able to vent as it sublimates (that’s the fancy term for when it turns from a solid directly into a gas). Instead, keep it in a well-insulated cooler, and make sure it’s out of reach of any curious kids or pets.

Never drink dry ice: And here’s the most important rule when it comes to adding dry ice to your cocktails: make sure the dry ice is completely dissolved before drinking. You don’t want to accidentally swallow or touch a piece of dry ice, trust me.

So there you have it! With a little bit of caution, adding dry ice to your Green Zombie can turn your Halloween bash into an unforgettable spectacle. Now let’s stir up some chillingly good fun!

Green Zombie Halloween Cocktail with dry ice

Green Zombie Halloween Cocktail Recipe

Yield: 1


  • 2 ounces white rum
  • 1 ounce melon liqueur
  • ¾ ounce freshly squeezed lime juice
  • ½ ounce orange liqueur
  • 1 ounce pineapple juice
  • Dry ice


    • In a cocktail shaker, add ice, silver tequila, melon liqueur, lime juice, and orange liqueur and pineapple juice
    • Shake to chill.
    • Strain into glass.
    • Carefully drop a small chunk of dry ice into the glass
    • Add a spider food pick for decoration

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