How Does Your Hair Make You Feel?

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Hispanic woman in red dress at beach I don’t know about you but nothing makes me feel more beautiful and confident than having great hair.  When my hair is shiny and soft I just glow. That is why it’s so important for me to use products that will keep my hair healthy and nourished and repair it from the damage of all the things that I put it through:  from too much sun (after all I do live in Florida), chlorine damage from pools to the blow drier and the flat iron.

When I straighten my hair I love to wear it loose but on those ocassions where I need to more elegant look I go for an easy half-up half-down updo that still let’s me show off my my hair.

easy half updo

Easy Half-up Half-down Updo

1. Starting from the left take a small section of hair starting from the crown to the eyebrow level and start clockwise twisting it towards the end. Hold it with your left hand. Do the same thing on your right side except you twist it in a counterclockwise motion.  2. Tie both strands together with a clear elastic band.  3. After you tie up both hair twists make and inverted ponytail. 4. Tighten up the half pony tail, I like to keep it a little loose to give it some volume and make it look natural. 5. Take a small section of hair from the right. 6. Twist it counterclockwise towards the back. 7.Secure it with a bobby pin or two.  8. Take another small section on the left and start twisting it clockwise towards the back and secure it with a bobby pin as well. This takes me just a couple of minutes to do and it looks nice and natural. To finish it off put a little bit of hairspray to keep those fly aways down (specially those pesky gray hairs that I really need to do something about soon!).

half updo step by step

Neutrogena Tripe Moisture Line of Hair Products

But the most important step for this hairdo is to start off with shiny soft hair and to accomplish that I used the Neutrogena Tripe Moisture line of hair products.   I love that they are made with naturally derived ingredients and that they restore the shine and health to my hair even after all the things I have put it through the last few months.  I really saw an improvement and my hair went from dry to beautiful.

hispanic woman in red dress

Since I have curly hair and love to straighten it I look for products that will reduce fly aways and make detangling easier and the Neutrogena Triple Moisturizing Conditioner did just that.  I use the Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask once a week to give my hair that extra boost and I was really surprised to see great results from this product even though it costs just 1/10 of what the leading hair mask costs!  Neutrogena Triple Moisture Hair Collection is made with olive oil, meadow seed oil and sweet almond oil and together these three ingredients work to leave your hair vibrant and healthy from root to tip.

Neutrogena Tripe Moisture

You can learn more about the Neutrogena Triple Moisture hair products on the Neutrogena website and like Neutrogena on Facebook to stay informed about their latest products.

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  1. I have since cut my hair but even when it was longer I wish I could have styled my own hair the way you do. I was lucky to be able to get it up into a pony tail. I have never tried Neutrogena hair products but after hearing what you have to say I think I will have to give them a try.


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