Cascarones for Easter

Make Cascarones

Painting Easter eggs is a fun tradition for kids.  In Guatemala painting eggs is also a tradition, it just takes place a little earlier for Carnaval.  It also involves smashing those painted eggs over the heads of other children in a great carnaval tradition.  Don’t worry, the eggs are drained of their yolks and filled with pica pica or confetti instead , which makes your cascarone fight more fun and far less painful.

Making cascarones is just a little harder than making traditional American style Easter eggs .  Die your eggs in a traditional Easter egg dye and allow them to dry completely. Reserve the dyed water. Next the adults can poke a small hole in the blunter end of the egg and hold it over a bowl to drain ( you can freeze these or make a nice frittata with your cascarones eggs)  rinse the inside out and allow the egg to dry hole down overnight.

Next take some bio-degradable confetti and  create a funnel out of paper or use a kitchen funnel . Pour the confetti into the egg .  Prepare an Elmer’s glue wash by combining ¾-cup Elmer’s Glue-All into a bowl. then add ¼-cup cool water (reserved from your Easter egg dying) and stir.

Rip some thin napkin and cover the hole with the napkin , using the colored Elmer’s Glue Wash seal the napkin around the sides of the egg.  Let it dry completely. When all your cascarones are dry get ready for the egg fight to begin.  Just be careful with your cascarones since egg can be sharp.  It’s safer to crack directly on the top of your head.  Have fun !

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  1. This sounds like a fun tradition ~ what do you usually do with the actual egg part of the eggs? I’m sure they are used in a great recipe.


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