Easy Easter Cake Recipes

If you’re looking for easy Easter cake recipes and ideas, you’ll find your new favorite Easter dessert here. Cake always makes any occasion more festive and fun. When it comes to Easter-themed cakes, you can go the classic route with a carrot cake or do something more fun like a bunny, a lamb, or even a sunflower cake. Decorating a cake with Easter candy like Peeps or pastel M&Ms is always a great option.

Easy Easter Cake Recipes

I’ve compiled a list of the best Easter recipes. You’re sure to find the perfect dessert to make this Easter celebration memorable! I have even included a couple of delicious pie ideas filled with spring flavors. 

Easter Bunny Cake – Scrappy Geek

This bunny cake is so cute, and I love the addition of the pastel-colored M&Ms. This Easter bunny cake is sure to be the star of any Easter celebration and is perfect for kids. 

Easter Bunny Carrot Cake Recipe


Pistachio Bundt Cake – Greedy Eats

I love pistachio, and it’s such an underrated spring dessert flavor. This pistachio bundt cake is soft, buttery, and made with real pistachios. I love the beautiful presentation.  

Pistacchio Bundt Cake


Surprise Easter Bunny Cake – All That’s Jas

I am in love with this cute Easter cake. Not only is it adorable, but when you cut it, you’ll discover a fun surprise. It is sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike! 

Surprise Easter Bunny Cake


Checkboard Easter Cake – Amanda’s Cookin’

This checkboard Easter cake is so much fun and colorful. Everyone will be surprised and delighted when you cut into this cake and reveal the colorful checkered design inside. 

Easter checkerboard cake


No-bake Mango Pie – A Taste For Travel

I love mango, and this delicious no-bake mango pie is the perfect Easter brunch dessert. Fresh and bursting with tropical flavors, it’s a great alternative to the traditional carrot cake. 

No Bake Mango Pie


Lemon Curd Easter Cake – MI Gluten-Free Gal

Mi Gluten-Free Gal shares a family recipe for a delicious lemon curd cake. I love lemon curd, and my mouth is watering just thinking about this tangy and sweet dessert. 

homemade lemon curd Easter cake


Sunflower Peeps Cake – Mission to Save

This fun and festive sunflower cake is topped with delicious homemade chocolate frosting and peeps. It’s super easy to make and perfect for Easter or any springtime celebration. 

Sunflower Peeps Easter Cake Recipe


Coconut Lemon Layer Cake – Swirls of Flavor  

Two of my favorite spring flavors come together in this coconut lemon layer cake. 

Coconut Layer Cake. jpg


Easter Cream Egg Icebox Cake – Food Meanderings

There’s nothing more refreshing than an icebox cake. This deliciously cool dessert requires no baking, is ready in no time, and it’s sure to be the hit of any Easter celebration.   

Easter Creme Egg Icebox Cake


Coconut Poke Cake – Chaos Is Bliss

A poke cake is one of my favorite desserts! Moist and delicious, this coconut poke cake is easy to make. The coconut flavor is not overpowering and will transport your taste buds on a tropical adventure. 

Coconut Poke cake


Other Easter Dessert Ideas You Will Love

  • Adorable Bunny Butt Cupcakes: These cute and easy Easter cupcakes are the perfect sweet addition to any Easter-themed party. It is a fantastic alternative to the chocolate overload that usually comes with an Easter celebration. 
  • Awesome Easter Candy Platter: A candy platter is a great way to share your favorite Easter candy and sweet treats with family and friends. A well-arranged candy tray is a fantastic way to serve sweets beautifully without the extra effort.

Easter themed candy platter


  • 25 Cute and Easy Easter Cookie Recipes: If you’re looking for the best desserts for Easter, you can’t go wrong with some sweet Easter cookies. Whether you’re making cute cookie chicks, bunny bums, Easter baskets, or bird nests, these delicious Easter treats are not just easy but super fun to make.
  • Cute And Easy Easter Cupcakes: From adorable sheep to cute bunnies full of sweetness, here are the best Easter cupcakes for you to choose your new favorite Easter-themed treats!
  • Passion Fruit Piñata Easter Cupcakes: The sweet cupcake combined with the tanginess of the passion fruit make the perfect sweet and tangy Pascua treats to share with family in friends!


Easy Easter Cake Recipes

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