Healthy Arroz con Leche, A Healthy Rice Pudding Recipe

This healthy arroz con leche is a delicious and easy recipe, that is better for you without sacrificing flavor!  Made in minutes and with simple ingredients, this no-fuss healthy dessert is an easy-to-make recipe, the perfect blend of creamy and sweet. This healthy rice pudding guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth! The best part is that this recipe is healthier than the traditional arroz con leche so you can enjoy it this holiday season, or anytime, without feeling guilty.  

Arroz con Leche, healthy rice pudding

Healthy Arroz Con Leche, A Great Alternative for The Holidays

Food, especially the unhealthy variety, is usually served around the holidays. So it’s no wonder many New Year’s resolutions revolve around weight loss. For maintaining a healthy weight, try out the Weight loss planner. It assists in avoiding unnecessary body fats, especially around the belly areas. But unfortunately, we all pack on a few extra “holiday pounds” between Halloween and Christmas.

As a parent, I am always concerned about what my children eat. But I confess, I let down my guard a bit over the holidays. Like many cultures, Latinos associate certain foods with holidays. And historically, those foods are not the most healthy and nutritious. My children love these foods, however, and so do I.


I wanted to recreate one of our favorite Holiday dishes in a way that was healthier than the traditional version. I took one of our family favorites, Arroz con Leche, and took up this challenge with great enthusiasm. If I can make a healthier rice pudding, I can eat a LITTLE more of it! After all, moderation IS key to a healthier lifestyle!

What Are The Ingredients For Arroz Con Leche?

So I switched whole milk with skim, used honey instead of sugar, and skipped the butter. Brown rice gives this Arroz con Leche recipe more fiber than the regular processed white rice you see in the supermarket. Plus, the orange zests give this delicious dessert a little tangy flavor!

What is the Best Rice for Arroz Con Leche?

Regular long white grain and jasmine rice work best for rice pudding. Bomba rice or any round, short-grain rice works too. I went the brown rice route to take advantage of its nutritional value, but you can choose the one you like best. Just make sure to read the cooking instructions on the box.


Celebrating the holidays doesn’t have to mean overindulging. Moderation is key, and tweaking your favorite recipes to make them healthier is easy if you try. We’ll be enjoying our Arroz con Leche as well as a variety of other traditional foods that are healthier this year. I hope you enjoy this healthy rice pudding recipe as much as we do!

How Many Calories Are in Arroz Con Leche?

Traditional Arroz con Leche contains loads of sugar, heavy cream, and white rice. It’s a carbohydrate and fat heaven! A cup of regular rice pudding can go up to 450 calories and 8 grams of fat per serving! So I decided to make small changes that have a significant impact healthwise. My recipe goes for 291 calories and 1.8g of total fat. You´re welcome!

My first thought was to change the rice and substitute healthier brown rice for white. I also traded heavy cream for skim milk and reduced the sugar slightly. I promise you won’t miss the extra sugar when you ramp up the flavor with this recipe.

Delicious Arroz Con Leche Recipes: Amazing Rice Pudding Recipe Variations

This basic rice pudding recipe is also a great starting point for creating fun variations of arroz con leche. You and add all sorts of flavors and ingredients to this easy dessert. Let’s check out some fun twists on the classic arroz con leche:

Caramel Apple Arroz Con Leche

  • Spiced cherry arroz con leche: This spiced cherry arroz con leche is a festive twist on the classic arroz con leche making it a perfect dessert for Christmas or Three Kings Day. This delicious rice pudding incorporates home made spiced cherries giving it a delicious taste as well as a beautiful presentation perfect for the holiday season.
  • Caramel apple arroz con leche: This caramel apple arroz con leche recipe is so easy to make that even your kids will be able to prepare it. It makes for a delicious and easy fall dessert that everyone will love. This variation from the classic arroz con leche recipe incorporates baked apples, whipped cream and delicious dulce de leche.  is now one of my favorite desserts.
  • Sweet potato arroz con leche: This sweet potato and orange rice pudding is a comforting fall dessert. It’s filled with autumn flavors and is so comforting it’s perfect for enjoying with a hot cup of coffee in front of the fire.
  • Mango and coconut arroz con leche (vegan): If you like arroz con leche you’re sure to love this vegan mango and coconut arroz con leche! This tropical version of arroz con leche made with coconut milk combined with sweet and fresh mango and topped with fresh raspberries is the perfect summer dessert. This could even work as a delicious breakfast.
  • Pumpkin arroz con leche: Pumpkin Arroz con Leche is a delightful and easy dessert that adds a seasonal twist to the classic arroz con leche. Made with long grain rice, cinnamon stick, water, egg, milk, condensed milk, vanilla extract, pumpkin puree, and pumpkin pie spice, this dessert is a comforting pumpkin dessert perfect for fall. 
  • Eggnog arroz con leche: This rice pudding recipe replaces the milk for eggnog giving the arroz con leche a holiday makeover. It is topped with tart cranberry sauce that balances the sweetness and makes this arroz con leche parfait the perfect option for entertaining this holiday season.  
  • Hazelnut coffee arroz con leche: This delicious recipe for hazelnut coffee rice pudding combines the creaminess of the arroz con leche with the aromatic flavor of the hazelnut coffee for a dessert that tastes like a decadent hazelnut latte. 
  • Arroz emperatriz with cranberries: Arroz Emperatriz With Cranberry Sauce is a festive dessert that puts a twist on the classic arroz con leche. This creamy and comforting dessert features cooked rice, cinnamon sticks, milk, and sweetened condensed milk. The addition of lime zest, orange zest, and cranberry sauce adds a refreshing and fruity element. With its beautiful presentation, this dessert is an excellent choice for holiday celebrations. Follow the simple instructions to create this delightful Guatemalan delicacy and enjoy a special treat during the festive season.

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Healthy rice pudding

Healthy Rice Pudding, Arroz con Leche Recipe

Yield: 6 cups
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes

A deliciously healthy rice pudding dessert


  • 2 cups of brown rice
  • 1 cup of skim milk
  • ¼ cup of honey
  • 1 cinammon stick
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Zest from one orange


    1. Add milk, rice, honey, orange zest, and cinnamon stick to a saucepan. Heat until boiling softly.
    2. Reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes or until the milk has reduced and the rice is to your desired consistency.
    3. Remove from heat and plate. You can put it in a deep dish or serve it in individual cups.
    4. Sprinkle a little ground cinnamon and orange zest on top.

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Nutrition Information:
Yield: 6 Serving Size: 1 cup
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 291Total Fat: 1.8gSaturated Fat: 0.4gCholesterol: 1mgSodium: 25mgCarbohydrates: 62.5gFiber: 2.6gSugar: 13.7gProtein: 6.2g

2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice

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