DIY Holiday Decor: Glowing Christmas Tree



Doesn’t it seem like it’s all downhill from Halloween?  Before the candy bowl has even been depleted (aka slowly thrown away into the garbage so kids don’t eat 10 pounds of candy, or me either, for that matter) Santa is rearing his head in every shop, reminding us that Christmas is in 46, 36, 26, 16, 6 days…. It’s a truly insane time of year!  But I guess, if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em. So I put on my winter cap, raided the craft closet and came up with a simple Christmas craft project you can do with kids and get a bit of a jumpstart on your Homemade Christmas decor.

Foam Christmas Trees are easy to make.  If you are like me, you have “leftovers” from past craft projects around the house, just collecting dust. This is a great time to scrape together your:

Green Project foam (and a bit of yellow for the star)

Glitter (who doesn’t have glitter laying around somewhere)

a thin wooden skewer

and Spray adhesive

Craft Scissors




You’ll use all these to form foam Christmas trees by cutting squares into gradually diminishing sizes. I recommend starting the squares at 3”x3” and going down in size by a quarter inch, every 2 squares. You’ll then skewer your foam squares starting largest to smallest, twisting slightly to create the full tree effect. Leaving a quarter inch at the point of the skewer and approximately 3 inches at the bottom, you then cut out yellow foam into two small triangles, gluing it to the point of your skewer for the star.



Next, you’ll go into a well ventilated area (preferably outside or in a garage as this can be a bit messy) and coat your foam tree with spray adhesive and sprinkle generously with glitter. You’ll now have a lovely foam tree suitable for displaying BUT if you want to them make it gift-worthy, and if your children are like mine and love to give homemade gifts, you’ll want to make a quick trip to the craft store and pick up:
Short (approx 3”) glass jars

Acrylic or glass pebbles

Moon or fairy lights (LED lights)


You’ll quarter fill each glass jar with clear glass pebbles and maneuver the 3 inch end of your Tree into the pebbles.  The bottom of your tree should be resting on the top of the glass bowl. Place fairy lights into the jar and fill it with pebbles until the jar is three quarters full, leaving the on/off mechanism where it can be reached to operate the lights.
And there you have it.  A lovely Christmas tree figure your kids will proudly display at home or gift to teachers, friends, or relatives this Christmas.  The best part about making homemade Christmas crafts is slowing down and spending some time with the kids as the season devolves into chaos as the holiday approaches  So raid your craft cupboard and spend an afternoon making Holiday crafts, taking a little time to enjoy the best part of the holidays, your family.

You can download a printable for the little christmas boxes here.


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