Crafts for Easter- DIY Window Clings

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Crafts for Easter usually involve eggs and egg coloring and chocolate in the shape of eggs (and a few bunnies) but primarily the egg decor takes center stage.  While decorating eggs is fun , and smashing the empty shells filled with glitter and tiny paper over each others head in the Latin tradition is LOTS of fun I wanted a less messy and customizable project as Easter crafts.

I had seen homemade clings before and the concept is fairly easy.  If you and your littles can trace you can create Easter ( or Spring or any holiday really) window clings.  All you need is puff paint from the fabric store ( we prefer Tulip) a large plastic sandwich bag and some images to trace.  In fact teh images are only a suggestion , if you are talented with free hand you can make any design of window cling you can imagine. I think this would be fun to create a faux glass window as well.  Since the puff paint applies easily and removes easily you could even free draw directly on the window .

This craft for Easter requires:

Tulip brand Puff paint in spring colors
Easter clip Art (check out our free Easter Printables in English and Español)
Large plastic Freezer bags or sandwich bags
Painters tape
and a little imagination

To create your window cling:
Simply place the our window cling printable for Easter under the plastic bag and tack it down with some painters tape.  Then trace the images with your puff paint.  Allow to dry completely, if the image required a lot of paint it may need to sit over night.   Peel and apply to your windows.

Print these Free Window Cling Templates for Easter 
pascua Easter Free Printable

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5 thoughts on “Crafts for Easter- DIY Window Clings”

  1. How cool! I’d never considered how easy it would be to make our own window clings – we always buy them from the store. This could save us some money, thanks!

  2. I didn’t know your tradition of breaking eggs on each other’s heads. I know some kids whom would be thrilled to honor this tradiition. As long as I can convince them to have the right fillings for the eggs I know it will be lots of fun. I need an easy DIY project for Easter since I am craft-helpless most of the time.


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