Latino Inspired Easter Eggs

I have been seeing so many creative and exciting Easter egg decoration ideas. So when I ran into some piñata Easter eggs on Pinterest, I wondered what other Latino-inspired Easter egg creations were out there. I am amazed by some of these ideas and thought I would share them with you. We will be trying … Read more

Make Cascarones

Cascarones for Easter

Painting Easter eggs is a fun tradition for kids. In Guatemala, painting eggs is also a tradition; it takes place a little earlier than Carnaval. It also involves smashing those painted eggs over the heads of other children in a great Carnaval tradition. But don’t worry! The eggs are drained of their yolks and filled … Read more

Rice Balls Argentine

Rice Balls Recipe – Bombas de Arroz Argentinas

In much of Latin America people refrain from eating meat on Fridays and during Holy Week ( Semana Santa) .  So the recipes for meatless dishes are plentiful and one of my favorite dishes to eat is Rice Balls.  For a meat free rice ball cheese is used .  In the Caribbean they tend to … Read more

Clipart Window clings Easter

Crafts for Easter- DIY Window Clings

Create these beautiful Easter (or Spring or any holiday) window clings. Let your creativity run free, and decorate your home with easy, not-so-messy clings! Crafts for Easter usually involve eggs and egg coloring and chocolate in the shape of eggs (and a few bunnies). But primarily, the egg decor takes center stage. While decorating eggs … Read more

Carnaval Cake Pops

Carnaval is a fun time to celebrate with kids.  The music, the sites and the food are so bright and vibrant; kids are just naturally drawn to the energy of Carnaval.  Here in the states Carnaval and Mardi Gras are somewhat interchangeable.  The premise is the same, which is a whole lot of partying before … Read more

Leche Frita – Latino Donuts

Leche Frita is a delicious any-time dessert with monastic roots. They remind me of Easter Brunch and spring blossoms. I double up on the zest and make the orange and lemon flavors the center of this sweet treat. A dusting of powdered sugar and cinnamon are the only adornment needed but on special occasions its … Read more

Three Kings Day Dia de Reyes printable free

Día de Reyes Traditions Coloring Pages – Printable

Día de Los Reyes is almost here, and my kids are super excited because they will be getting more presents! But sometimes, it’s hard for them to grasp the real meaning behind Día de Reyes traditions. No one around us celebrates them. These free Dia de Reyes traditions bilingual coloring pages include many of the … Read more