Latino Inspired Easter Eggs

I have been seeing so many creative and interesting Easter egg decoration ideas and when I ran into some piñata Easter eggs on Pinterest I wondered what other Latino inspired Easter egg creations where out there.  I am really amazed by some of these ideas and thought I would just share them with you.  We … Read more

Make Cascarones

Cascarones for Easter

Painting Easter eggs is a fun tradition for kids.  In Guatemala painting eggs is also a tradition, it just takes place a little earlier for Carnaval.  It also involves smashing those painted eggs over the heads of other children in a great carnaval tradition.  Don’t worry, the eggs are drained of their yolks and filled with … Read more

Rice Balls Argentine

Rice Balls Recipe – Bombas de Arroz Argentinas

In much of Latin America people refrain from eating meat on Fridays and during Holy Week ( Semana Santa) .  So the recipes for meatless dishes are plentiful and one of my favorite dishes to eat is Rice Balls.  For a meat free rice ball cheese is used .  In the Caribbean they tend to … Read more

Clipart Window clings Easter

Crafts for Easter- DIY Window Clings

Crafts for Easter usually involve eggs and egg coloring and chocolate in the shape of eggs (and a few bunnies) but primarily the egg decor takes center stage.  While decorating eggs is fun , and smashing the empty shells filled with glitter and tiny paper over each others head in the Latin tradition is LOTS … Read more

Carnaval Cake Pops

Carnaval is a fun time to celebrate with kids.  The music, the sites and the food are so bright and vibrant; kids are just naturally drawn to the energy of Carnaval.  Here in the states Carnaval and Mardi Gras are somewhat interchangeable.  The premise is the same, which is a whole lot of partying before … Read more

Leche Frita – Latino Donuts

Leche Frita is a delicious any-time dessert with monastic roots. They remind me of Easter Brunch and spring blossoms. I double up on the zest and make the orange and lemon flavors the center of this sweet treat. A dusting of powdered sugar and cinnamon are the only adornment needed but on special occasions its … Read more

Three Kings Day Dia de Reyes printable free

Día de Reyes Traditions Coloring Pages – Printable

El Día de los Reyes is almost here and my kids are super excited because they will be getting more presents! But sometimes I find that it’s hard for them to understand the real meaning behind traditions like this one because no one around us celebrates them. That is why I created these bilingual coloring … Read more