Holiday Crafts With Gingerbread M&Ms

CB-sponsored-post-white-600Christmas topiary DIY craft m&m's candy #shopAt home we are big M&Ms fans. What’s not to love about those little pearls of chocolatey goodness.  As I shopped for groceries last week I was thrilled to discover the new holiday flavored gingerbread M&M’s, which are only available at Walmart. These are great for making gingerbread cookies, decorating your gingerbread house or just as a yummy sweet snack.  I got inspired and decided to make some decorations using the gingerbread M&Ms.

M&M Topiary Centerpiece

I started off by creating a colorful topiary to use as a centerpiece. For the topiary you will need a foam ball, floral foam, glue dots, some red and green ribbon, a wooden dowel, a glue gun, gingerbread M&Ms and a square glass vase.

craft materials m&m's #shop

Step 1. Using the glue dots cover the foam ball with M&M’s.

Step 2. Wrap a wood dowel in green ribbon using a glue gun.

Ste 3. Secure a piece of floral foam in the center of the vase using the glue gun.

Step 4.  Insert one end of the wooden dowel into the floral foam and the other end on the base of the foam ball.

how to make m&m's topiary candy tutorial

Step 5. Fill the vase with M&Ms making sure to cover the floral foam completely so that it is no longer visible.

Step 6. Using the red ribbon tie a bow on the stem of your topiary.

M&M Tree Ornaments

The kids wanted to join in the fun so they helped me out by making some cute Christmas tree ornaments.   For the tree ornaments you will need wooden popsicle sticks, crazy glue or wood glue, glitter pair, paint, jewels and gingerbread M&Ms and ribbon or thread for hanging them to the tree.

craft materials holidays m&m's #shop

Step 1. Glue 4 wooden popsicle sticks together to make a snowflake.

Step 2. Once the glue has dried and the star is firm paint the snowflake any color you like. I used the silver glitter for mine.

Step 3. Once the paint is dry decorate with M&Ms, attach them to the popsicle sticks using the glue dots.

Christmas tree ornament craft m&m's candy #shop

Step 4. Use the jewels to add some sparkle.

Step 5. Using the glue gun attach ribbon or string to the back of the ornament.Christmas tree ornament craft m&m's candy #shop

You can also check out the Life SoFab Magazine’s latest issue for great ideas to Taste the Season with Gingerbread.

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20 thoughts on “Holiday Crafts With Gingerbread M&Ms”

  1. These look pretty simple and fun. I know my daughters would love to make each of these – but the idea would be to use it as decoration and not to eat them first! Thanks for these – I will try them.

  2. I so love gingerbread, any time of the year. I won’t be able to make these great crafts, though: I would eat them all before I could finish!

  3. So clever of you to use glue dots to secure the M&Ms to your topiary. Your crafts are so pretty and festive. And like Sarah said above, those crafting with those gingerbread M&Ms is so tempting!

  4. I would never get to do this with my kids! My boys would eat up all the bag before we can make the topiary! lol! But that’s very creative, would love to try that, then I guess I would have to make it alone. 🙂

  5. That is so fun and creative! It is something that kids can help too that they would absolutely love. Hmmm.. my mouth’s watering. I want me some M&Ms and want to try some of the Gingerbread MMs. Christmas season is sure coming up.

  6. I love doing crafts at all times of year but especially when it is cold and snowing outside, gives you a great outlet of creativity and the hours fly by while you are stuck in the house. These look great.


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