Now this Is the Best Beer Margarita Ever!

Ingredients 2 12once bottles of light beer, chilled ½ cup of frozen limeade concentrate, thawed ½ onz fresh lime juice ½ onz orange juice 4 fluid ounces tequila 1 fluid ounce triple sec coarse salt for rimming the glasses 1 lime cut into wedges for garnish   Rub the rims of the glasses with the … Read more

Raising Global Children in Easier Than You Think

I recently read an article about multimillionaire American investor and author Jim Rogers and how he and his wife decided to move to Singapore so that their children can be immersed in the culture and the language of a continent he considers to be the future. If you are reading this you probably have at … Read more

How Social Media Allows Me To Share My Culture With Others

Social Media lets us reach more people faster and with less effort, it makes it easier for us to communicate and it lets more people find us! But what about sharing? According to the dictionary sharing means to use, participate in, enjoy, receive, etc., JOINTLY! Social Media lets us share small details of our lives … Read more

Miercoles Mudo – Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

Esta es una de mis fotos preferidas. En un viaje reciente a Guatemala vi esta vitrina en un pueblito en las montañas y tuve que parar a tomar la foto. Me parece que ejemplifica la mezcla y el contraste de culturas que hay en mi tierra de una forma tan clara y original, no solo en … Read more

Guatemala’s French Toast – Torrejas Recipe

The Torrejas are a typical Guatemalan dessert especially popular during Christmas and during Lent. Torrejas are common in many Latin American countries and every country makes them a little different. There are also many different versions of the Guatemalan recipe for Torrejas. I chose this version because it is somewhat easier and I made sure … Read more

5 Last Minute Carnaval Crafts & Activities To Do With Your Kids

Carnaval, the period of time just before Lent, is celebrated in many Latin American countries in different ways. Because it precedes days of sacrifice, Carnaval is a celebration that involves costumes, dancing in the streets and parades. So Carnaval is today and there’s no time to prepare anything. Don’t worry, the important thing about celebrations … Read more

Mitos Sobre Aprender Dos Idiomas a Temprana Edad

Si mezclo el inglés y el español voy a confundir a mi hijo Los niños pueden diferenciar entre dos idiomas diferentes desde muy temprana edad. Es normal que en un principio aprendan algunas palabras en un idioma antes que en el otro y entonces en un inicio pueden mezclar los dos idiomas pero esto es … Read more