Fun Things To Do In Your Backyard this Summer

Eating outdoors

Summer is here! Check out these fun things to do in your backyard this summer from outdoor games to backyard picnics and dining al fresco. I have even included some of our favorite grilling recipes.

Fun Things To Do In Your Backyard This Summer

The kids are out of school and we’re excited to make the most of the summer by spending lots of time outdoors. This past couple of months staying at home we’ve found lots of ways to enjoy spending time in our backyard beyond just grilling. 

Cooking outside

Summer is the perfect time to take full advantage of grilling. We love grilling everything from steak to veggies and even pizza. And we don’t just grill lunch and dinner, there are also lots of great breakfast and brunch recipes you can make on the grill to change things around. 

Grilling shrimp

Easy Grilling Recipes 

Check out some of our favorite grilling recipes, you’re sure to find some great ideas here:

And don’t forget dessert! From grilled pound cake to s’mores, cooking dessert is more fun when over the grill or fire pit!  

Fun Things To Do In Your Backyard this Summer
When grilling always make sure to follow these grilling safety tips to prevent food born illness. 

Fun and games

Enjoying your backyard is all about creating fun activities for the entire family. We have a few backyard games, including cornhole, bean bag toss, and Jenga, which we always take out when we’re cooking outdoors. We also love to organize backyard movie nights, watch a movie outdoors while we eat popcorn, and occasionally add a thrilling twist with murder mystery games. It’s so much fun!

Enjoy a backyard picnic

We love to go to the park and to the beach but since we’re spending more time at home we’ve also come up with fun ways to spend time outside while staying home. One of our favorite things to do is eat outside and what could be better than a backyard picnic. It’s a fun way to make any meal special, from a brunch picnic to dinner under the stars. 
Fun Things To Do In Your Backyard this Summer

Celebrate special occasions outdoors

We have a few celebrations during the summer including a couple of birthday celebrations. Even if we’re celebrating just with immediate family throwing a backyard birthday party is always so much fun. 
Simple and Fantastic Recipes for a Backyard Summer Party
Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

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19 thoughts on “Fun Things To Do In Your Backyard this Summer”

  1. I am looking forward to do some barbecues in my garden. I am currently working on getting it nice and ready for summer, with new flower beds and a dedicated grilling area.

  2. Given that this summer is so unique in so many different ways, and all the families are trying to explore new and exciting ways to spend time at home, this post is very relevant to all.

  3. We hang out outside as much as possible in the summer as I live in the NorthEast and the nice weather does not last very long so I soak it up! Love these tips and they are all wonderful tings to do in the backyard …. I also love camping out and having a camp out session which can be really fun for the kiddos.

  4. Summer is here, so this is a great chance to spend more time in the backyard. I will look into Bic lighters for lighting my grill up. Thanks for the information.

  5. Those are all great ideas when you have a back yard. When you just have a balcony then you have to get really creative.

  6. Outside cooking is really the best thing to do outside with the family. I wish this pandemic end soon so I can invite the family over lunch.

  7. Every summer, we have two big parties, one for our friends and another for the family. There is enough room to set up a long table to arrange the food, a barbecue pit at one end and an inflatable pool for the kids in another corner. Sadly, none of that is going to happen this summer, and the very thought is heart-wrenching.


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