Easy Glow In The Dark Day of The Dead Lanterns

Day of the Dead skull glow in the dark easy to make DIY lanterns.

We are getting ready for our Day of the Dead party celebration on November 1st and we wanted to make a fun Dia de los Muertos craft with the kids. So that we can give the the Day of the Dead altar a cool and fun twist we figured we could do a glow in the dark craft and came up with the idea of these super easy glow in the dark calavera lanterns. We had all of the materials for these at home and made them in no time and I have to say we all where really happy with how awesome these look at night.


  • glass mason jars
  • black sharpie or craft smart market
  • glow in the dark sticks

Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos skull glow in the dark lanterns, materials.


To make these lanterns just paint a fun sugar skull or calavera design on the front of the mason jar. Cut a glow in the dark stick and pour the glow in the dark liquid inside the mason jar. Close the jar tightly and shake it making sure that the liquid covers all the inside of the mason jars. Make sure that you use gloves when you cut the glow in the dark sticks and do not let children handle them or cut them as the chemicals inside the glow stick can irritate skin and eyes. Some glow sticks also have glass inside so be careful when handling as there might be glass shards inside the glow stick. Proper safety materials like safety glasses and gloves should be used when recommended to protect eyes and skin.

Day of the Dead glow in the dark lanterns made with mason jars.

If you do not have glow in the dark sticks at home or you don’t want to handle the glow in the dark chemicals you can also try our easy and safe for kids Day of the Dead kid friendly lanterns we did last year, these are super easy and safe for kids to do on their own.

Glow in the dark Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos skull lanterns made with mason jars.

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30 thoughts on “Easy Glow In The Dark Day of The Dead Lanterns”

  1. This is a great idea. You could also use glow powder (available from Amazon) mixed with Modpodge and painted on the inside. The glow power recharges and you don’t have to worry about glass shards or irritating chemicals. 🙂

  2. Hi – I am wondering about disposal of these lanterns – do you throw them away? Are they hazardous waste? Or, can they be used again, and of so, how?

    They are super cool!

    • I would not use the mason jars again for anything else. You can wash them but using gloves as the glow liquid could irritate skin and reuse the mason jars only to make the lanterns again, not for anything else and specially not to put food in them! This is what I found about disposal: According to Cyalume Technologies, “Activated light sticks do not meet the definition of a Characteristic Hazardous Waste [term used by the EPA] and therefore, under the regulations, can be disposed of as a solid waste in solid waste landfills and incinerators unless prohibited by site-specific solid waste facility restriction.”.

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